Make some noise!!

Open your window and protest: bang for equity!

Join others and make yourself heard!

15 minutes of noise nationwide

Every Monday night starting 1/22/18

6 pm West Coast // 7 pm Mountain // 8 pm Central // 9 pm East Coast

Participate in a weekly nationwide cacerolazo protest to fight predatory rule by the super rich.

All you need is a pot and a spoon.

The cacerolazo is a nonverbal protest in which participants express their dissatisfaction by banging with kitchen utensils. You can protest from your window, backyard, or sidewalk. Or arrange to meet up with others.

The cacerolazo or cacerolada (from the Spanish cacerola, or casserole) originated in Latin America. Attached are publicity fliers in English and Spanish and a link to a recent New York Times article about cacerolazos.

Pass it on!

Weekly cacerolazos start Monday, 1/22/18


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